Written by: Ekene Eze

Making the most of Hacktoberfest for as a developer advocate

As a developer advocate, your participation in Hacktoberfest can set a powerful precedent for your audience.

Hacktoberfest is one of the most exciting events on the open-source calendar. While developers around the globe ready themselves for a month of coding, contributing, and community-building, there’s a unique opportunity for Developer Advocates to harnessing the full potential of this event for the benefit of the companies they represent and the tools they advocate for. Whether you’re a seasoned advocate or new to the scene, here’s how you can make the most of Hacktoberfest and drive meaningful engagement for your interests.

Understand the Essence of Hacktoberfest

To effectively utilize Hacktoberfest as a developer advocate, it’s crucial to understand the event’s core principles. Hacktoberfest is about celebrating open source, encouraging contributions, and building a more inclusive and collaborative developer community. As a developer advocate, you should be an active voice on the Hacktoberfest topic. Advocate for contributions on your company’s open-source projects or identify open-source projects that align with your values and encourage your audience to contribute to these projects. If you’re encouraging contributions to your company’s projects, be clear about it and showcase how these contributions can directly benefit your company and its users. Go the extra step and provide guidance on selecting beginner-friendly issues, and make it easier for participants to get started.

Create Engaging Content

Use your platform as a developer advocate to create content that promotes Hacktoberfest and your chosen projects. This could include blog posts, video tutorials, webinars, or live coding sessions. Highlight the impact of open-source contributions and how they can enhance the tools or products you advocate for. This strenghtens your position as a developer advocate who genuinely cares for the open-source community. Share your success stories and anything else that inspire you as it may also inspire other developers to make their own contributions.

Lead by Example

As a developer advocate, your participation in Hacktoberfest can set a powerful precedent for your audience. Leading by example demonstrates your commitment to the open-source community and the values you advocate for. Don’t just encourage others to contribute; actively participate in Hacktoberfest yourself. Make contributions to open-source projects that matter to you or your company. Share your Hacktoberfest journey on social media, engage with other Hacktoberfest participants, emphasize the learning aspect of your participation, encourage your colleagues and fellow advocates within your company to participate in Hacktoberfest as well. By actively participating in Hacktoberfest, you not only inspire others to join the movement but also demonstrate your genuine dedication to the principles of open source and community-driven development.

Offer Resources and Support

If you’re maintaining your company’s OSS project for Hacktoberfest, assist participants by providing resources such as coding guidelines, documentation, and mentorship. Host virtual office hours or Q&A sessions to address their questions and challenges. Make sure your company’s developers are actively involved in helping contributors, further strengthening the connection between your company and the open-source community.

Organize Hackathons or Meetups

Consider hosting or sponsoring local or virtual Hacktoberfest events, hackathons, or meetups. These gatherings can foster collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing among developers. While these events are primarily for the benefit of developers and knowledge sharing, It is also an excellent opportunity to showcase your company’s commitment to open source and your products.

Measure and Share Impact

Track the progress of Hacktoberfest contributions related to your advocacy efforts. Share updates on the number of pull requests, code reviews, and merged contributions from participants. Demonstrating tangible results will encourage more developers to get involved. This is also generally a good practice and a great opportunity to build in public and keep your audience abrest of your results.

Acknowledge and Reward Contributions

Most importantly, recognize and celebrate the efforts of participants by acknowledging their contributions publicly. Consider offering incentives or rewards, such as swag, certificates, or even job opportunities for outstanding contributors. As much as Hacktoberfest is about willing developers making contributions without expectations, it would be great to recognize and reward the time and effort that they put in to improve your company’s projects or the tools you advocate for.

Reflect and Improve

As we are in the last week of Hacktoberfest, take time to analyze what worked well and what could be improved. Gather feedback from participants and adapt your strategies accordingly for future events. Continuous improvement ensures that your advocacy efforts remain effective and meaningful.


Hacktoberfest presents a vibrant opportunity for Developer Advocates to strengthen their community’s foundations and enthusiasm for open source. By championing a supportive environment, clear pathways to contribution, and recognition of efforts, you don’t just optimize the Hacktoberfest experience—you also help weave the rich tapestry of collaboration and innovation that defines the open-source world. So, gear up and dive into Hacktoberfest with these practices in mind, contributing to a rewarding experience for everyone involved!